Easy Testimonials Carousel


Easy Testimonials Carousel is a WordPress plugin that allows you to effortlessly create testimonial posts with customizable settings. Users can create multiple shortcodes for testimonials, each with its own unique settings. Enhance your website’s credibility and showcase customer feedback in an attractive carousel format.


  • Create multiple testimonials
  • Create categories for testimonials
  • Create multiple shorcodes for testimonials
  • Customizable carousel settings for each shortcode
  • Responsive design for seamless display on all devices
  • Advanced styling options to match your website’s theme
  • Advanced Features like slider autoplay, slider loop and slider stop on Hover etc.
  • Add personalized styling to testimonials with custom CSS
  • Choose from layout styles to display testimonials (Grid,Slider)
  • Customize navigation styles for testimonial carousels
  • Allow users to submit testimonials directly from the website
  • Easily back up or transfer testimonials using the import/export feature
  • Choose and showcase the top-rated testimonials based on category selection
  • Improve page performance by loading testimonials on demand (Lazy Load).


  • WordPress

How to Use Easy Testimonials Carousel

  1. Go To Easy Testimonials Carousel ->Add New testimonial -> Click Add new testimonial starts add testimonial: * Give testimonial:- title ,content ,excerpt ,feature image ,designation ,ratings * And click on published (if already added ,if you like to edit you can edit existing one and then click on update)
  2. Go To All Shortcodes -> Add shortcode -> Click Add New Give title of shortcode: starts configure settings in these tabs:- Post Settings ,Color Settings ,Category ,Slider Designs ,Slider Settings.and then published (if already added ,if you like to edit you can edit existing one and then click on update)
  3. Display list of Created shortcode within shortcode title ,shortcode within unique id ,Published date and time
  4. Click on shortcode it can be able to copy from backend to use it later on post editor(page) or custom page template
  5. You can created as many shortcode with different settings to be use it on editor or custom page template

Uncompressed Source Files

The uncompressed source files for this plugin are included within the plugin package. You can find them in the ‘assets’ directory of the plugin repository.

If you wish to modify or study the source code, follow these steps:

  1. Clone or download the plugin repository from GitHub.
  2. Navigate to the ‘assets’ directory to access the uncompressed JavaScript and CSS files.
  3. Make any necessary changes to the source files.
  4. Use build tools like npm and webpack to generate the compressed files from the uncompressed source files, if needed.
  5. Test your changes and contribute back to the plugin repository by opening a pull request.

Feel free to explore, modify, and contribute to the code. We believe in the power of open-source collaboration!


  • How to add plugin
  • You can see Easy Testimonial Carousel After Activate plugin
  • How to add testimonial
  • You can give title ,add short information(excerpt) ,set feature image ,designation ,ratings ,category
  • Add new shortcode
  • Configure shortcode settings
  • Copy shortcode
  • Style your testimonials with custom CSS
  • Frontend Submission form for users
  • Import /Export XML file
  • Frontend form design
  • Slider Design 1
  • Slider Design 2
  • Slider Design 3
  • Grid Layout


Installation via WordPress plugin installer

  1. Extract the plugin package on your machine that you downloaded from wordpress.org
  2. Hover over the plugins menu item on your left sidebar in your WordPress admin area and select “Add New”
  3. In the new page click on the “Upload” menu item on top of the page
  4. Choose the easy-testimonials-carousel.zip file that you extracted from the downloaded package and click “Install Now”
  5. The plugin is now installed, click on the “Activate Plugin” button
  6. Now, you can go to Easy Testimonials Carousel and configure the plugin

Installation via FTP

  1. Extract the plugin package on your machine that you downloaded from wordpresss.org
  2. Find the easy-testimonials-carousel.zip file in the extracted content and extract it also
  3. Open your favourite FTP application and connect and navigate to your “/wp-content/plugins/”
  4. Copy over the folder extracted from easy-testimonials-carousel.zip file and paste it inside plugins directory
  5. Navigate to your plugins page on your WordPress admin area and click the “Activate” button
  6. Now, you can go to Easy Testimonials Carousel and configure the plugin


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Contributors & Developers

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  • Added new feature like custom CSS option, Import & Export testimonials, Frontend form submission option and Top rated testimonial etc.


  • Added new feature like Content alignment, Content hide settings, Vertical & Horizontal slide move option etc.
  • Other text and design updates


  • Added new feature like slider Loop and slider stop on Hover
  • Other text and design updates


  • Initial Release