Empact EU/UK VAT automation


empact is a complete VAT compliance TaxTech SaaS platform that removes all VAT compliance responsibility and burden from global e-commerce businesses in Europe and the UK. empact provides its sellers all they need to comply with the new tax regime to empower the sellers and enables them to focus on their sales and core business, starting from VAT/IOSS/OSS numbers provided instantly upon registration which is being combined with our cloud-based system that seamlessly integrates with any platform and marketplace and provides real-time transparency.

With the clear purpose of wanting to help reduce tax fraud for international resellers, empact was created to not only help but encourage sellers to comply with the new tax regime. By creating a real-time transparent tool by combining technology with an out-of-the-box approach, empact offers the ability to automate the entire reporting and filing process, helping sellers remain compliant while reducing the human resources required to do so. The platform provides its users with their own VAT number, taking the burden of this new legislation off sellers while providing an applicable threshold of 10,000 euros per seller for sales up to 150 euros each.

Increase your market reach and meet the VAT requirements of your customers worldwide with various solutions that empact offers:
* B2C Solution
* B2B Online Solution
* B2B Offline Solution
* Independed Tax Report
* Console Service

Whether you are an eCommerce store, SaaS company, Tax Advisor, Payment provider, Accounting firm, eCommerce platform, or logistics & supply chain, empact can complement your business and customers perfectly!


  • Register with Empact System
  • Login to Empact System to authourize shop
  • Empact logged in account profile
  • Setting page
  • Product Sync status page
  • Order Sync status page


Install from WordPress Admin:
1. Log in to your WooCommerce store
2. Install the Empact Connect plugin from your WordPress Admin
3. Go to Plugins > Add New > upload Plugin > upload a downloaded zip file
4. Or Go to Plugins > Add New > Search for Empact connect > Found the plugin in list > Click on install

Install from hosting:
1. Upload the downloaded zip file to the /wp-content/plugins/ folder
2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

Connect with Empact:
4. A new menu say “Empact System” will be added after plugin activate. Click on the menu.
5. Login using Empact System credentials if you already registered on Empact System otherwise click on Register link and complete the registration and do the payment. Get back to login page after registration.
6. After login, you are good to go to use the Empact system services, check the pages available for product sync and orders sync.


How Can empact for WooCommerce Expand Your Online Business?

Once our plugin is downloaded, eCommerce businesses have the ability to provide their customers with a smart solution which will instantly:
* Open the ability to sell in 27 EU states and the UK market.
* Increase their local footprint in the EU and UK markets.
* Increase their Positive Cashflow
* Increase their net profit by more than 20%, thanks to our special license from the EU authorities that grants 0% VAT on importation.

Why to Choose empact?

We provide online sellers with everything they need to remain compliant, keep selling product in the EU and the UK, and profit from smart TAX calculation and automation technology with just ONE click!

Does empact Account Required?

Yes! An empact account is required to have your own account in our platform. In order to set up, please click here

Where Can I Get Support?

Empact for WooCommerce is supported by empact.online. For Support, please use support@empact.online and include customer identifiable information, along with a description of the issue.


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