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The Password Policy Manager is a plugin that makes it easy to create and enforce strong and secure password policies with features like force password change, reset the password, password security, strong password, user password manager, password strength, auto password expiry, etc.


Create and enforce customizable password policies for your WordPress website users and secure your website from all password based attacks by setting secure password . Protect your website using features like strong passwords, password strength meter, password history manager, auto password expiry and many others to set a secure password for your website. While these features sufficiently enforce strong passwords, in case an attacker is successful in logging into your website, you can thwart any attacks using one click reset password, lock out inactive users and monitor active and inactive users’ activity log. This ensures all round security for your website from attacks from within as well as external ones.

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We support French, Spanish, Italian, German and many other languages in our Password Policy Manager plugin.

You can check out the following video to configure password policy manager:

Features | Getting Started


Enforce strong password

Force all users to create strong passwords according to the password policy set by the admin for high Password Security.

Users password manager

User password manager allows the admin to manage the users’ passwords (like password strength, how many passwords are strong, etc) to check the Password Security. password policy setup guide

Enforce password change

Administrators can force users to change their password on their next login using this feature to enforce strong passwords on their users and ensure strong Password Security.

One click reset password

One click reset password feature allows the admin to invalidate the current password and force their users to generate a new strong password. This can be done for all users in case of any breach. This will kill all the current sessions and users will be forced to set a new strong password via email hence reinforcing the Password Security.

Password Score

Password score will show all the users’ password strengths. You can check whether the passwords being used are strong, medium or weak. Based on that you can use the enforce strong passwords feature to improve Password Security.

Auto Password Expiry

Auto password expiry allows the admin to enforce a custom time-based password expiry to improve Password Security. Once the password has expired, the users will be forced to create a new password.

Password strength

The admin can set the minimum and maximum length of the password. You can also add constraints that you want your users to follow while setting a strong password.

Unlimited Users

There is no user limit on the password policy manager plugin and it can be used to create password policies for unlimited users.


This consists of all free plugin features along with:

Role-Based and User-Based Password Policies

Admin can set the different role-based as well as user-based policies and enforce password policy changes to ensure strong Password Security.

User-Based Enforce Strong Password on First Login

Force a specific set of users to create strong passwords according to the password policy set by the admin on their first login to maintain strong Password Security.

Role-Based Enforce Password Change

Administrators can enforce specific set roles to change their passwords on their next login using this feature to enhance the Password Security.

Role-Based One-click password Reset and Logout

Using one-click reset password feature, the admin can reset passwords of all users / particular roles at once and terminate all logged-in sessions with just one click in case of any suspicious activity. Admin can then send the password reset link over email.

Generate Random Passwords

Generate random passwords generates a random strong password containing all variations to make the password security strong and secure against brute force attacks.

Automatically Lock Inactive Users

It will lock the user automatically if the user is inactive for the custom specified time period. This can be set for particular roles as well as users.

Password History Manager

It will manage the history of all the recently used passwords for each user so no user can re-use the previous password.

Active Users Activity Log

The admin can track the activity of all Active Users using this feature of Password Policy Premium plan.

Custom Login Forms Supported

The Premium plan also supports the following custom login forms: Woocommerce, Ultimate Member, Elementor Pro, BBPress, Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms, Buddy Press, User Registration, User Pro, MemberPress and many others.

Single Site

The Password Policy Manager Premium plugin is single site compatible and can be used to create password policies on only one site at a time.


This consists of all Premium plan features along with:

Role-Based Enforce Strong Password on First Login

Force specific users roles to create strong passwords according to the password policy set by the admin on their first login.

User-Based One-click password Reset and Logout

Admin can reset passwords of users at once and terminate their logged-in sessions with just one click in case of any suspicious activity using One-click reset password. Admin can then send password reset links over email.

Custom Redirect URL

The admin can redirect their users to a different custom URL using this feature.

Active & Inactive Users Activity Log

The admin can track the activity of all active as well as inactive users using this feature of Password Policy Enterprise plan.

Logout Inactive Users

When this feature is enabled, a user is logged out and their session is destroyed if they are inactive for more than the customizable set time limit.


The Password Policy Manager Enterprise plugin is multisite compatible and can be used to create password policies for an entire multisite network.

The password policy applies to all the areas where user passwords are specified, such as when a user account is created, when a password is reset or changed, or when users are asked to reset their passwords at login.

For any customization related queries or if you require any assistance, email us at or call us at +1 9786589387.


  • Manual strong password

  • Check for password strength


From your WordPress dashboard

  1. Navigate to Plugins > Add New from your WP Admin dashboard.

  2. Search for `password policy manager.

  3. Install password policy manager and Activate the plugin.


  1. Search for password policy manager and download it.

  2. Unzip and upload the password policy manager directory to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.

  3. Activate the password policy manager from the Plugins tab of your admin dashboard.


How do I enable the Password policy?

You can Enable the Password policy Settings tab to enable the password policy features.

I have enabled password policy settings for all users, what happens if an end-user tries to login?

If a user has not logged in, the user has to login to the site. The password will be reset during the login.

I want to enable only password expiration for my users. What should I do?

You can enable password expiration from the password policy tab and then save the setting.

How do I setup Password Policy once the plugin is activated?

  1. Select password policy manager from the left menu and follow the instructions.

  2. You can start the Users’ password policy manager and force password change.

How Can I Enforce Strong Passwords for all users apart from the WordPress default feature?

Password policy will enforce a strong password for all the users at the time of login or at the time of user creation.

What Differentiates miniOrange Password Policy from other Password Policy Plugins?

  1. Password policy manager is designed in such a way that it can provide a strong password (secure password).

  2. You can enable role-based password policies (like strong password, password expiration, one click reset password, enforce role based strong password, inactive user logout, password history management).

  3. Password policy manager allows a one-click password reset of all the users’ passwords and log out of all the current sessions.

Do you guys provide support? What should I do if I want features which are not mentioned here?

For any customization related queries or if you require any assistance, email us at or call us at +1 9786589387.


March 20, 2024
I had a little problem with the page redirect which was solved very quickly and professionally
July 7, 2023
does what you need it to do. customer service is super responsive!
July 4, 2023
We have many websites, and it became a problem to follow and maintain password policy across all sites.Tested several solutions and came across miniOrange – Password Policy Manager and it performed very well.Their support has been amazing, and they have made some extra professional customization to fit our exact requirements.We would recommend it for anyone to use 😊
June 7, 2023
We’re using this plugin on a site where strong passwords and password compliance are a must, and Password Policy Manager does a wonderful job. The interface is clear and has everything we need without being overwhelming with options. The plugin has been made with attention to detail and has some nice touches that make it easy for users to set a password that matches the policies set in the admin. This way it helps create a good user-experience. Best of all, the developers offer excellent support, both in the free and premium versions. Five stars! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
April 20, 2023
Since the first hour of creating new wordpress-blogs we are under constant attack. I have to prove that the people I take care of don’t use easy passwords for laziness. I do not have any trouble, works great for me.
January 19, 2023 3 replies
I installed this plugin briefly on a production server (bad idea!) to evaluate, not expecting it to destroy existing protection on sensitive pages. This happened simply by activating the plugin. If you have password-protected pages, those pages will instantly lose their protection once this plugin is employed. Thankfully, I only had one page to fix, but it was still a catastrophic discovery since I only discovered the issue randomly and after 10 hours had passed. A security plugin should at the minimum not make a site less secure once it is installed. I hope the development team of this plugin will make the appropriate changes to prevent this kind of behavior in the future.
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