Slazzer Background Changer


The Slazzer Background Changer is a WordPress plugin that allows you to automatically remove/change any image background directly in WooCommerce and WordPress.

In just a few seconds, you can easily set a transparent background for your products, change the color or upload your own custom images. Just make sure your subject is clearly in the foreground, meaning that there should be a clear distinction between the foreground and background on your image. Slazzer works exceptionally well for products, people, animals and cars.


  • High quality detailing, no manual intervention
  • Automatically remove or change any product background in seconds
  • Process all images at once or only specified ones
  • Choose which image types to process (Main image or Gallery images)
  • Backup and restore original images


Slazzer supports any JPG/JPEG or PNG image with up to 12 megabytes. All images need to have a clear subject that is meant to be in the foreground. As we mentioned, Slazzer works great for products, people, animals and cars. For PNG images, if the resolution is larger than 10 megapixels (e.g. 4000 × 2500 pixels or any other aspect ratio) it is resized to this maximum resolution. For JPG/JPEG if the resolution is larger than 25 megapixels (e.g. 6250 × 4000 pixels or any other aspect ratio) it is resized to this maximum resolution.

Service Usage Disclosure

The Slazzer Background Changer plugin relies on external services provided by Slazzer for background removal functionality. This service is utilized to process images and remove backgrounds automatically.

Service Link: Slazzer

Service API End Point Link: []( and

Terms of Service: Terms of Service

General Terms and Conditions: General Terms and Conditions

Privacy Policy: Privacy Policy

Refund Policy: Refund Policy


The Slazzer Background Changer plugin uses the Slazzer API service at []( and and you need to sign up to an account and purchase image credits. 1 image processed in the WordPress plugin will take 1 credit. Read more about our pricing plans here.

Note: You need to sign up for a Slazzer account and obtain an API key to use this plugin. Visit Slazzer Signup to create an account and get your API key from here.


We recommend to first test the results with a few products by providing their IDs in the plugin settings. If you are not totally satisfied, you can easily restore to the original images. If you are ok with results, then you can move ahead with removing and changing the backgrounds of all your images. Make sure to have an active Slazzer plan here.


  • Install the Slazzer plugin in WordPress
  • Add your product photos
  • Click “Slazzer Background Changer”
  • Paste your API key. Make sure to have a Slazzer account. You can sign up here and get your API key here.
  • Choose options according to your liking. ( e.g. background colors, custom uploads etc..). You can hover all options.
  • Click “Save changes” and “Start process”
  • Go to your “Products” to see the results
  • At any time, if you’re not satisfied with the results, click “Restore Backup” to restore to your original images
  • That’s it, you’re done!

General Recommendations

  • Alignment: Images should have proper orientation. (e.g. the floor is at the bottom of the image and the sky is at the top).
  • Contrast: Images should be taken under ideal lighting conditions with a clear distinction between the foreground and background.
  • Monotone Backgrounds: Single color or blur backgrounds are easier to remove than overly detailed and sharp backgrounds.
  • Sharp foreground: If the foreground is fuzzy or blurry it might get removed by our AI. If only the contour or edges are blurry, they will still be blurry in the resulting cutout (which may or may not be an issue).

Recommendations for Product images and other objects

  • Entire object: The entire product should be visible in the image, e.g. make sure it’s not cut off.
  • Object in focus: Products should be in front of a plain background (photo studio, wall, or floor).
  • Shadows and reflections: Try to avoid extensive shadows or reflections as they can be mistaken to be part of the foreground.
  • Leave out decorations: Do not place decorative objects in the image. Do not add icons, logos, stamps or art to the image before uploading it.

Recommendations for images of People

  • Number of people: Images with a single person or with a few people perform better than photos with large groups of people.
  • Objects: Objects held in the subject’s hands or worn on the body are usually supported (e.g. glove), whereas large objects standing out can be an issue.

Recommendations for images of Animals

  • Number of animals: Images with a single animal or with a few animals perform better than photos with large groups of animals.

Recommendations for Car images

  • Avoid unnecessary angles: The photo should be ideally at eye level.
  • Non Obstructed: The car should not be obstructed by any object or subject.
  • One at a time: For best results, only include one car in each photo. Only the largest most visible and largest car will be cut out, everything else will be considered a background.

We hope you enjoy the Slazzer WordPress plugin!
It’s definitely a game changer for shop owners who value their time and money. No more hours of boring work, Slazzer gets it done in seconds!


If you have questions or issues while using the Slazzer Background Changer plugin, email us at:


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March 24, 2023
This plugin should not even be available for download at since it doesn’t come with any free option. You have to get an API key and then you have to add-up with credits.I could have understood a Pro version with some extra features, but this is ridiculous. No wonder that hardly anyone uses it. I will get some offshore developer to implement this instead. One time fee and then use some open source project from github. They are probably better too, these days with AI for increasing quality of the output.So in all, a good idea, but the developer has totally misunderstood the concept of light versions vs pro versions and that people might want to test before going to a pro. Now it ended with that I uninstalled the plugin directly.
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Contributors & Developers

“Slazzer Background Changer” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Initial release


  • minor bug fix


  • minor bug fix


  • remove deprecated function


  • fix minor issues


  • Change php functions


  • Minor bug fixces


  • Minor bug fix


  • Minor bug fix


  • Undo changes functionality hasbeen fixed


  • Change design, Add preview options, Add auto crop functinality.


  • Minor issue fixed.


  • Minor issue fixed.


  • Background image issue fixed.


  • Product select dropdown and process completion message added.


  • Some minor update


  • Bulk remove background option added yo media library list view


  • Plugin currently not compatable with wordpress multisite notice added


  • Plugin debug code issue resolved


  • Compatibity with wordpress letest version
  • Multisite notice updated.


  • From calling files remotely to add required files inside ourplugin
  • Replaced move_uploaded_file function with wp_handle_upload
  • Data sanitized to make the plugin more secure
  • Replaced json_encode function with wp_json_encode to maintain wordpress plugin standard
  • Changed Generic function/class/define/namespace/option names with added prifix toeach one
  • Restrict Direct File Access
  • Modified sql calls to make the plugin more secure
  • Plugin update new version


  • Nonces and User Permissions Needed for Security Updated
  • Fix of Internationalization: Not to use of variables or defines as text, context or text domain parameters
  • Data sanitized to make the plugin more secure
  • Use of esc charracters to make the lugin more secure
  • Restrict Allowing Direct File Access to plugin files
  • Fix Unsafe SQL calls


  • We support Woocommerce product type simple and variable. For other product types we will skip image processing.
  • You will get two free credits for test our plugin when you register in our website.