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This is a WooCommerce add-on. By Using this plugin admin and buyer can get notification about their order via sms using SMS Alert.

The WooCommerce Order SMS Notification plugin for WordPress is very useful, when you want to get notified via SMS after placing an order. Buyer and seller both can get SMS notification after an order is placed. SMS notification options can be customized in the admin panel very easily.

PS: This plugin requires an account(paid/demo) with service to send SMS. Demo account comes with some free credits to let you test it out.

SMSAlert – WooCommerce (Key Features)

  • OTP for order confirmation(with option to enable OTP only for COD orders)
  • OTP verification for registration
  • Login with OTP
  • Reset password with OTP
  • OTP verification for login(option to enable OTP only for selected roles)
  • SMS to Customer and Admin on new user registration/signup
  • Admin/Post Author can get Order SMS notifications
  • Buyer can get order sms notifications supports custom template
  • Sending order Details ( order no, order status, order items and order amount ) in SMS text
  • Different SMS template corresponding to different Order Status
  • Directly contact with buyer via SMS through order notes, and custom sms available on order detail page
  • All order status supported(Pending, On Hold, Completed, Cancelled)
  • Block multiple user registration with same mobile number
  • Supports wordpress multisite
  • Custom Low balance alert
  • Option to disable sending OTP to a particular after n resends
  • Daily SMS balance on Email
  • Sync Customers to Group on
  • Auto Shorten URL
  • Low Stock Alert to admin
  • Out of Stock Alert to admin
  • Back in Stock notifier
  • Abandoned Cart Reminder


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πŸ‘¨ Contact Form 7 to send notification to customer and admins, and verify mobile number through OTP
πŸ‘¨ Ninja Forms to send notification to customer and admins, and verify mobile number through OTP
πŸ‘¨ WPForms to send notification to customer and admins, and verify mobile number through OTP
πŸ‘¨ Fluent Forms to send notification to customer and admins, and verify mobile number through OTP
πŸ‘¨ Gravity Forms to send notification to customer and admins, and verify mobile number through OTP
πŸ‘¨ Elementor Website Builder to send notification to customer and admins, and verify mobile number through OTP
πŸ‘¨ Formidable Form Builder to send notification to customer and admins, and verify mobile number through OTP
πŸ‘¨ Forminator Contact form to send notification to customer and admins, and verify mobile number through OTP
πŸ‘¨ Metform Elementor Contact Form Builder to send notification to customer and admins
πŸ‘¨ Jetform to send notification to customer and admins
πŸ‘¨ Everest Forms to send notification to customer and admins
πŸ‘¨ UsersWP – User Registration & User Profile
πŸ‘¨ Returns and Warranty Requests to send RMA status update to customer
πŸ‘¨ Easy Digital Downloads to send notification to customer
πŸ‘¨ Affiliates Manager to send notification to Affiliates and admin
πŸ‘¨ WooCommerce Bookings to send booking confirmation to customers and admin
πŸ‘¨ Booking Calendar to send booking confirmation to customers and admin
πŸ‘¨ Bookit Calendar
πŸ‘¨ Easy Appointments
πŸ‘¨ Amelia Booking Plugin
πŸ‘¨ Simply Schedule Appointments Booking Plugin
πŸ‘¨ Product Vendors
πŸ‘¨ LearnPress – WordPress LMS Plugin to send notifications to student and admin
πŸ‘¨ Events Manager to send event booking confirmation to customer and admin
πŸ‘¨ Delivery Drivers for WooCommerce
πŸ‘¨ New User Approve
πŸ‘¨ Woocommerce Simple Auctions
πŸ‘¨ WooCommerce Subscriptions
πŸ‘¨ WP Loyalty
πŸ‘¨ TeraWallet – For WooCommerce
πŸ‘¨ Five Star Restaurant Reservations
πŸ‘¨ Jetpack CRM
πŸ‘¨ Groundhogg
πŸ‘¨ ARMember
πŸ‘¨ Fluent CRM
πŸ‘¨ Quick Restaurant Reservation
πŸ‘¨ Membership pro
πŸ‘¨ WP adverts
πŸ‘¨ WPCafe plugin
πŸ‘¨ Form Maker Plugin
πŸ‘¨ Wp Fusion plugin
πŸ‘¨ gAppointments
πŸ‘¨ salon booking system
πŸ‘¨ awesome support
πŸ‘¨ Uncanny Automator
πŸ‘¨ WP Travel Engine
πŸ‘¨ WS Form


Since this plugin is dependent on, we provide 24X7 email support for this plugin via For new feature requests please use wordpress support forum.

Translation Plugins Support


  • OTP for Checkout.
  • Login with OTP.
  • OTP for registration.
  • Abandoned Cart - Recover more cartsby sending automated messages.
  • Customer Templates - Set sms templates for every order status, these will be sent to the customers.
  • Admin SMS Templates - Set sms templates that admin will receive, set admin mobile number from advanced settings.
  • Advanced Settings - Enable or disable daily balance alert, low balance alert, admin mobile number, and many other advanced options.
  • Custom SMS on Order detail page - You can send custom personalised sms to the customer directly from order detail page from your admin panel, this is very useful in case you wih to update customer in case of any unplanned event, like delay in delivery, order disputes and claims, etc.
  • Back in Stock Notifier - update customers when a product is available for order
  • Gravity Forms - Send sms to customer and admin, whenever the form is submitted.
  • Contact Form 7 - Visitor & Admin Message, SMS OTP Verification.
  • TeraWallet – For WooCommerce - Notification on wallet balance credit and debit
  • Booking Calendar - Notification on new bookings and booking reminder sms
  • Woocommerce Bookings - Admin Templates


This plugin provides 3 blocks.

  • Share Cart Displaying the share cart button
  • Login With OTP Displaying the login with otp form
  • Signup With Mobile Displaying the signup with mobile form


Can i integrate my own sms gateway?

There is no provision to integrate any other SMS Gateway, we only support SMS Alert SMS Gateway.

How do i change Sender id?

You can request the sender id after login to your SMS Alert account, from manage sender id.

Sender id is only available for transactional account.

I signed up for a demo account, but not received any test sms

As per TRAI Guidelines promotional sms can be sent only from 9 am to 9 pm, please test during this period only, also check if your number is not registered in NDNC registry.

If still you face any issues, please contact our support team.

What will happen when my demo credits are over?

Once your demo credits are finished, this plugin will not send any messages, you can then decide to purchase the credits. In case you do not want to purchase, ensure to disable all OTP options from the plugin, so that your website can function normally.

I am unable to login to my wordpress admin

This can happen in two cases like you do not have sms credits in your sms alert account, or your admin profile has some other number registered, for both cases you can rename the plugin directory in your wordpress plugin directory via FTP, to disable the plugin

Which all countries do you support sms?

Please check complete list of supported countries on our website

Can i send sms to multiple countries from one account?

Yes, you can send sms to multiple countries, by default your account is configured to send SMS to only one country, you can request to allow additional countries for your account through email on

How can i use my custom variables in sms templates?

The plugin supports custom order post meta, if your post meta key is ‘my_custom_key’, then you can access it in sms templates as [my_custom_key]

Can i extend the functionality of this plugin?

Sure, you can use our below hooks.

To Send SMS

do_action('sa_send_sms', '918010551055', 'Here is the sms.');

To Modify Parameters before sending any SMS

function modify_sms_text($params)
    //do your stuff here
    return $params;    
add_filter('sa_before_send_sms', 'modify_sms_text');

To get SMS Alert Service Response after Send SMS

function get_smsalert_response($params)
    //do your stuff here
    return $params;
add_filter('sa_after_send_sms', 'get_smsalert_response');

Woocommerce before Send SMS

function public static function modify_sms_text($content, $wc_order_id)
    //do your stuff here
    return $content;
add_filter('sa_wc_order_sms_before_send', 'modify_sms_text', 1, 2);

Can you customise the plugin for me?

Please use wordpress support forum for new feature request, our development team may consider it in future updates. Please note we do not have any plans to develop any integrations for any paid plugins, if still you need it someone like you must sponser the update πŸ™‚

Where can i find the plugin documenation?

Please refer here for plugin usage guide.


February 9, 2024 2 replies
This plug in works like a charm and the support is great. affordable sms's sent out to client via the orders we get so instead of customers maybe getting an email (should their mail block yours) then they get a sms which is great especially on EFT orders with the detail sent and notificed when orders complete.
August 11, 2023
I use this plugin for phone verification on WpForms. It is very easy to set up, it works perfectly and the user interface in completing the verification is the best I have seen in any wordpress plugin.
May 27, 2022 1 reply
The plugin has more than the functionalities that one would expect. Login with OTP. Register with OTP. Order verification with OTP for configurable payment type orders. Tera wallet messages. and so on. Wonderful support provided on top of it πŸ™‚
March 10, 2022 1 reply
Using for two days only, but found this plugin really great. It has every functionality, which I needed - custom status(all) sms, Terra wallet credit sms and many more. Integrated with my shipment tracker easily. They provide very fast support and solved all my problem within a day. Highly recommended
February 23, 2022 1 reply
Thanks for making such an awesome plugin, I don't even think of working online without your company plugin on my site, Your company always supported whenever I write mail to them Thanks for making such an awesome plugin God bless youπŸ™
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  • New: Compatibility with Eduma theme
  • Enhancement: Option to enable admin login with otp
  • Enhancement: SMS Alert modal html added in footer
  • Enhancement: Nonce verification in admin section
  • Enhancement: Code optimisation
  • Bugfix: When disable default login form then two login with otp from showing on checkout page
  • Bugfix: Warning message showing in ninja form
  • compatibility check for latest woocommerce version


  • New: Integration with WS Form plugin(
  • New: Auto submit OTP for validation as soon as all OTP digits are entered
  • New: Login with otp option for admin login page
  • New: Integration with WP Travel Engine(
  • New: Option to allow otp verification for selected countries only
  • New: Option to limit item name max length in sms content
  • Enhancement: Without woocommerce, signup with mobile redirect error and shortcodes tab not showing
  • Bugfix: Smsalert shortcodes and widget forms not working in elementor popup
  • Bugfix: Google pagespeed warning on login page
  • Bugfix: Enter was not working on any inputs
  • compatibility check for latest woocommerce version
  • compatibility check for latest wordpress version


  • New: Integration with uncanny automator(
  • Enhancement: Compatibility with woocommerce hpos(high performance order storage)
  • Bugfix: Modal not responsive in mobile view
  • Bugfix: Login With OTP input field focus issue even when hidden
  • Bugfix: modal background color not applying on full modal
  • Bugfix: Checkbox in admin section is not clickable in firefox latest version
  • compatibility check for latest woocommerce version
  • compatibility check for latest wordpress version


  • New: Integration with Amelia Booking Plugin(
  • New: Integration with Simply Schedule Appointments Booking Plugin(
  • New: option to ask otp on page instead of popup
  • New: New OTP popup template with option to edit mobile number
  • Enhancement: Woocommerce block checkout support
  • Bugfix: when guest checkout not allowed then if user still logged in then error msg showing emailid is already registered
  • Bugfix: Warning message shown in PHP 8 for salon booking and awesome support
  • Bugfix: shipping method variable not workng
  • Bugfix: Multiple validation error message showing on registration page
  • compatibility check for latest woocommerce version


  • New: Integration with Wp Fusion plugin(
  • New: Integration with gravity form gAppointments addon(
  • New: Integration with salon booking plugin(
  • New: Integration with awesome support plugin(
  • New: ICompatibility with wpfoms registration and login form
  • New: option to set redirect URL in login with OTP widget and shortcode
  • Enhancement: validation while creation of new account on checkout before sending OTP
  • Bugfix: Buddypress registration OTP not validating
  • Bugfix: Phone number validation message not working on ultimate member signup page
  • Bugfix: When phone number not valid then order note was not added proper error message
  • Bugfix: handled error when order items are null
  • Bugfix: multiple forminator forms on same page was not working
  • compatibility check for latest woocommerce version


  • Bugfix: Customer role issue in signup with mobile option when active
  • Bugfix: Elementor form not loading when there is no group in users account


  • New: Option to customise Notify Me, and subscription form design
  • New: Compatibility with Raffle ticket generator plugin(
  • New: Integration with Form Maker Plugin(
  • New: Integration with RegistrationMagic Plugin(
  • New: Integration with WPCafe plugin(
  • New: SMS Campaign for users, orders, abandoned carts and subscribers(notify me)
  • Enhancement: WordPress widgets for login with otp, signup with mobile and share cart better code handling
  • Enhancement: Show only selected country will block submission from unselected countries
  • Bugfix: Field validation error not being displayed in contact form 7
  • Bugfix: Everest form warning in admin section
  • Bugfix: When cart is emptied, a message for otp sent is displayed
  • compatibility check for latest woocommerce version
  • compatibility check for latest wordpress version


  • New: integration with Everest Forms(
  • New: integration with fat service booking(
  • New: SMS Alert Forms widget customization
  • New: OTP Modal customization with elementor
  • New: integration with Gravity form payment addons
  • New: Captcha( supported in login with otp and signup with mobile form
  • Enhancement: booking calendar new version support
  • Enhancement: Form validation in cf7, wp forms and formidable form
  • Bugfix: gravity form admin sms not working
  • Bugfix: modal style signin css conflict
  • Bugfix: phone field compatibility for old version of woocommerce
  • compatibility check for latest woocommerce version


  • New: integration with Metform Elementor Contact Form Builder(
  • New: integration with Jetform(
  • New: integration with gravityview (
  • Enhancement: Compatibility with elementor pro recaptcha
  • Enhancement: added option for default value in elementor sms alert phone field
  • Enhancement: Compatibility with woocommerce High-Performance order storage
  • Enhancement: Fluent form multiple pdfs compatibility
  • Enhancement: Some texts not translated(sec,Validate OTP,OTP Validated Succussfully)
  • Enhancement: Fluent form input type file not validated before sending otp
  • Enhancement: On enter validate otp is triggerred
  • Enhancement: If otp for checkout disable and registration is mandatory then otp not working on checkout page
  • Bugfix: When admin creates order then pending status msg not triggered
  • Bugfix: unable to paste OTP
  • Bugfix: In return and warranty plugin, same message was triggered


  • Bugfix: Compatibility fix for gravity form latest version
  • Bugfix: PHP warning for Wcsubscription notify_id
  • Bugfix: In flatsome theme, back in stock not working from quick view
  • Bugfix: cart flow checkout otp issue
  • Bugfix: riode theme login with otp and register not working
  • Bugfix: Abandoned cart disable notifications not working
  • Bugfix: Error in aftership integration
  • Bugfix: otp not working on some iphone
  • Bugfix: forminator multi step form, otp not working
  • New: Partially refund sms in woocommerce
  • New: integration with Buddypress(
  • Enhancement: Compatibility with Conversational fluent form
  • Enhancement: LTR support
  • Enhancement: shoptimizer theme modal css conflict fix
  • Enhancement: Better loading UI design
  • Enhancement: button css compatibility fix in twenty twenty two theme
  • Enhancement: Compatibility for older WP forms
  • Enhancement: Elementor form phone field add option for placeholder
  • Enhancement: Elementor form validation from server before sending otp
  • compatibility check for latest woocommerce version
  • compatibility check for latest wordpress version


  • Enhancement: Fields validation in admin section for cf7
  • Enhancement: Fields validation in admin section for wpforms
  • Enhancement: Fields validation in admin section for formidable form
  • Enhancement: Fields validation in admin section for gravity form
  • Enhancement: Cod to Prepaid warning message shown if option is disable
  • Enhancement: CF7, fluent form radio or checkbox required validation message was not shown
  • New: OTP integration in gravity form
  • New: integration with membership pro(
  • New: integration with wp adverts(
  • New: integration with Forminator(
  • Bugfix: issue at checkout page and login with otp in elessi theme
  • Bugfix: at checkout page for logged in user, phone filed country flag was not displayed
  • compatibility changes for login/signup plugin latest version
  • compatibility check for latest woocommerce version


  • URGENT: JS checkout payment gateway plugins conflict in v-3.5.8


  • Bugfix: compatibility fix for WPML
  • Bugfix: js error, when country code selector is off
  • Bugfix: OTP on checkout was not working when order value was zero
  • Bugfix: warning in WP Forms if form is not saved after installing SMS Alert plugin
  • Bugfix: Handled SMS Alert send XML error response
  • New: Integration with PDF Generator For Fluent Forms(
  • New: Integration with member mouse plugin(
  • New: Integration with wp loyalty plugin(
  • New: Integration with Easy Appointments(
  • New: COD to Prepaid
  • Enhancement: Handle nonce verification error in login with otp, signup with mobile, userswp, pie registration, checkout page
  • Enhancement: Remove setting for verify OTP in Popup as its no longer required
  • Enhancement: in login verification in popup if number not found then redirect to add number and verify page
  • Enhancement: in elementor form, added sms phone field validation, if sms alert action is added
  • compatibility check for latest woocommerce version
  • compatibility check for latest wordpress version


  • Bugfix: compatibility fix for WPML
  • Bugfix: custom meta keys were not replaced properly
  • Bugfix: issue at checkout page in woostify theme
  • Bugfix: issue in login with otp at checkout page in checkoutwc plugin
  • Bugfix: Fluentform phone field was not visible when used within container
  • Bugfix: WP forms, multiple admin mobile numbers were not getting saved
  • Enhancement: when account is dormant then logout from plugin and send mail to user
  • Enhancement: check validation for radio button before sending otp
  • Enhancement: user can input their phone number in woocommerce forgot password option instead of email id or username
  • New: Integration …