This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.



Superslider-previousnext-thumbs is a previous-next post, thumbnail navigation creator. Works specifically on the single post pages.
Animated rollover controlled with css and from the plugin options page. Can create custom image sizes. Automaitcally insert before or
after post content or both. Or you can manually insert into your single post theme file.


  • pulls thumbnails from previous and next posts.
  • default thumbnails for posts with no images.
  • post title size control
  • create custom previous-next thumbnails.
  • select image size to use in link.
  • show before or after your post or both.


This plugin can be seen in use here:



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  • The downloaded folder’s name should be superslider-previousnext-thumbs


If you are not sure how this plugin works you may want to read the following.

  • First ensure that you have uploaded all of the plugin files into wp-content/plugins/superslider-previousnext-thumbs folder.
  • Go to your WordPress admin panel and stop in to the plugins control page. Activate the superslider-previousnext-thumbs plugin.
  • Default settings provide for Pnext nav at the end of your page.
  • Add optional function call in your single.php file inside your site theme folder.(you will need to deactivate the Automatic insertion.)
  • Basic function call: if(class_exists ('ssPnext') ) { $myssPnext = new ssPnext(); $myssPnext->ss_previous_next_nav();}
  • Complete, recommended function call (to be put inside of php open and close tags):
    if(class_exists (‘ssPnext’) ) { $myssPnext = new ssPnext(); $myssPnext->ss_previous_next_nav(‘true’);
    } else {
    echo ‘

previous_post_link(‘« %link’);
echo ”;
next_post_link(‘%link »’);
echo ‘



Available under > settings > SuperSlider-Pnext


Create your own graphic and animation theme based on one of these provided.

Available themes

  • default (Thumbs set to 150px x 150px)
  • blue (Thumbs set to 80px x 80px)
  • black (Thumbs set to 180px x 30px)
  • custom (Thumbs set to 180px x 30px)

To Do

Report Bugs Request / Options / Functions



  • Unpack contents to wp-content/plugins/ into a superslider-previousnext-thumbs directory
  • Activate the plugin,
  • Configure global settings for plugin under > settings > SuperSlider-Pnext
  • Add optional function call in your single.php file inside your site theme folder. (requires disabling the automatic insertion )
  • (optional) move SuperSlider-Pnext plugin sub folder plugin-data to your wp-content folder,
    under > settings > SuperSlider-Pnext > option group, File Storage – Loading Options
    select “Load css from plugin-data folder, see side note. (Recommended)”. This will
    prevent plugin uploads from over writing any css changes you may have made.


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Contributors & Developers

“Superslider-PreviousNext-Thumbs” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



  • 2.0 (2012/03/27)

    • fixed insert after post content
    • added insert before and after post content
  • 1.0 (2011/12/15)

    • upgraded for WordPress 3.3 and mootools 1.4.1
  • 0.6 (2010/06/02)

    • fixed link to settings page
    • added save options upon deactivation option
  • 0.5 (2010/05/23 )

    • Changed the media options page layout
  • 0.4 (2010/05/12)

    • Fixed bug, thumb creation user options failed to save correctly.
  • 0.3 (2010/03/23)

    • Fixed bug, where content was echoed, instead of returning it for further processing.
  • 0.2 (2010/02/26)

    • Fixed various bugs
    • upgraded functions for WP 3.0
    • Improved superslider-base integration
  • 0.1.0_beta (2010/02/21)

    • first public launch