This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

WPaudio MP3 Player


All the other WordPress mp3 players were crappy or ugly so I made a better one.

WPaudio is a simple mp3 player. The minimal design fits any blog. It’s easy to use. It works with mobile devices like iPhone and Android. The file is small and won’t slow down your site.

Clean design with intuitive controls

Everything’s tucked out of the way until you click play. Jog the track by clicking the position bar. Simple.

Easy to install, easy to use

Install directly from WordPress (just go to Plugins -> Add New) and start embedding mp3s immediately. You can convert all mp3 links or only the ones you select.

Compatible with your old Audio Player tags

Want to switch to a better player? Just deactivate Audio Player and WPaudio will take care of it.

Won’t slow down your site

WPaudio was written for performance. It uses WordPress’s built-in scripts and HTML5.

How to use WPaudio

  • If you want to convert every mp3 link into a player, go to Settings -> WPaudio and select the first option, Convert all mp3 links.

  • If you want to selectively convert mp3 links, just add the wpaudio class to the links you want converted, like this:

    <a href="" class="wpaudio">Artist - Song</a>
  • If you want to disable downloads or specify a different download URL, use the advanced tags.

    [wpaudio url="" text="Artist - Song" dl="0"]
  • For autoplay, just add autoplay=”1″ to your tags.

    [wpaudio url="" text="Artist - Song" autoplay="1"]


  • WPaudio player in action. Play by clicking the play button or the large text. The blue bar indicates current position, the gray bar indicates the data loaded so far, and the light gray bar indicates total duration. Download by clicking the name of the clip. (Optionally, you can change the download link for use with Mediafire, YSI, etc. or disable downloads.)
  • WPaudio player before play is clicked.
  • WPaudio player in action with the download link disabled.
  • Editing the tag.


  • Install directly from WordPress (just go to Plugins -> Add New) and activate.


  • Manually install to your WP plugins directory
    1. Unzip in the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
    2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.
    3. Have a look at the options by going to Settings -> WPaudio.


Find solutions, ask questions, and give feedback at the WPaudio forum.

It’s not working!

For best results, upgrade to the latest WordPress.

  1. Try changing to the default theme. Does it work now? If so, make sure your theme has wp_head(); and wp_footer();.
  2. Try deactivating your other plugins and reactivating them one by one. Let me know when you find the one causing the conflict.
  3. Make sure the domain in your MP3 URLs matches the domain in your WordPress blog URL setting.
  4. Check the forum and make a new post if you don’t find a solution.

How do I tell WPaudio which links to make into players?

Just add the wpaudio class to those links. If there’s already a class, add it inside the quotes after a space (class="anotherclass wpaudio").

<a href="" class="wpaudio">Artist - Song</a>

If you want to convert all mp3 links, just check the first option when you go to Settings -> WPaudio. Then you don’t have to add the class, but it won’t hurt.

I use (some other mp3 player). Do I have to go back and change ALL my tags?

Nope. If you used Audio Player, just tell WPaudio to handle it on the Settings -> WPaudio page. If you used another plugin, email me and I’ll get support for it into the next version.

With the advanced tags, should I include the text and dl parameters? (Can I specify what shows up next to the player?)

Always include the text parameter.

The dl parameter isn’t required. See the next question.

What if I don’t want readers to download the mp3 from my server?

Allow users to download from a file host by adding the dl parameter to your shortcode like this.

[wpaudio url="" dl=""]

Or disable downloads by setting dl to “0” like this.

[wpaudio url="" dl="0"]


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  • Better support for instances with custom paths


  • Use newer WP APIs and sanitize I/O


  • Update HTML5 player and styling
  • Remove Flash fallback


  • Fixed multiple players playing after one finishes


  • Player styled by CSS and inline for better theme tolerance
  • Set volume to 100% for HTML5 and SoundManager
  • Handled HTML5 exceptions
  • Handled SoundManager absence gracefully
  • Preload play and pause images sequentially
  • Play button reload fix


  • Fixed ‘convert all mp3s’ option


  • Added HTML5 support (now compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod)
  • Complete rewrite of JavaScript
  • Updated to latest SoundManager2
  • Minified JS and optimized images


  • Added autoplay
  • Open players collapse when another is clicked.


  • Updated to SoundManager2 v2.95b.20100101
  • Removed unnecessary CDATA designation


  • Progress bar clicks obey one play at a time
  • Tested with WP 2.8.6


  • Player button resets on completion
  • JS events checking button status call handlers directly


  • Link and play button CSS more specific
  • CDATA around wpa_urls


  • Load scripts only outside of admin (removes SM2 debug button)


  • Fixed checkbox preference save issue


  • Link conversion: all or selective mp3 links
  • Customize font face and size
  • Inline-block layout resolves layout issues (no floats, center now possible)
  • Degrades gracefully: links converted to players solely with Javascript
  • Options now stored in one serialized field
  • ID3 read preventing play issue resolved
  • Separated play/pause icons for customizability


  • Restores support for WordPress 2.5 and up


  • Parse_url now uses one parameter for maximum PHP compatibility


  • Clicking player text link now plays song, separate download link
  • Automatic URL correction if file exists locally (to satisfy Flash cross-domain policy)
  • Fixed out-of-focus load issue (Safari)
  • Scripts now external
  • Wrapper for use outside posts (direct from template)
  • Better iPhone/iPod links


  • Color customization options
  • Passes XHTML validation (added CDATA tags)
  • Concealed mp3 URLs (Unicode-encoded)


  • Moved to WP’s internal jQuery library to avoid conflicts
  • Removed legacy code (fixes IE layout break issue)
  • Degradation more graceful: separate warnings for JS/Flash (invisible on load instead of hiding as player components load)
  • Button icon fixed for multiple players on one page


  • More consistent behavior all around (switched from JW Player to SoundManager 2 API)
  • Documented option to disable download link
  • Fixed player position/duration/load bar width for disabled downloads


  • Fixed symbols in text field
  • Enabled shortcode and audio tags in sidebar widgets
  • Added support for audio tag titles and artists


  • Enabled shortcode in the excerpt


  • Fixed directory settings
  • Improved readme


  • Text support, smoother ID3 reading
  • Download link parameter


  • Shortcode support
  • Google CDN-served jQuery and SWFObject