This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Responsive Table Layout


It contains an editor that uses responsive rows and columns. For each device (phone, tablet, …) you can choose how many columns should be displayed and how wide they must be. Content can be added in every column.

  • available at each post edit screen (for any post type)
  • writes content to the main post editor (no custom fields)
  • ability to toggle between the responsive layout editor and the default WordPress editor.
  • column content is added via a WordPress editor
  • makes use of row and column shortcodes
  • available for each post type


  • editor
  • layout settings
  • background settings
  • general settings
  • content settings
  • responiveness settings
  • front large screen
  • front small screen


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/table-layout directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress


Installation Instructions
  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/table-layout directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress


September 3, 2016
Really glad to find an effective and easy to use (Visual Composer style) plug-in to build responsive tables, thank you very much! (Although few details can be fixed or improved, as suggested by @burnuser) Only one problem so far : when used with plug-in ARVE (Advanced Responsive Video Embedder), plain video links show well in post editor (text input area) but don’t display when post edited (just the text link). Opposite might be acceptable but as it is now, it’s unfortunately unusable (this said, my rating stays 5 stars!). Thank you in advance for the fixing.
September 3, 2016
Thank you so much for creating this awesome plugin!
September 3, 2016 1 reply
I was searching for a plugin which allows me to easily make several columns and rows to structurize the content of a site I was working on. This plugin does exactly that! And it does it in an intuitive and easy way. An on top of that it is responsive!!! It is quite complete already and the updates seem to come quite often. Still some little things are needed for it to be even better, but as announced by the author, there are some nice features coming. 😉 I’m very happy and thankfull! Great plugin and highly recommended!
September 3, 2016 1 reply
I’m working with this tool for a few days and compared it with SiteOrigin. In which only widgets can be inserted. Resulting in a problem with theme Twenty Sixteen widget design: Each widget has a thick line above it! … looks very cluttered on a composed page. Responsive Table Layout uses WP main editor – with no layout problems! But there are also a few things, that could be even better: My main point: to much screen-space consumed! 1.) In my opinion there is too much space/distance between rows! 2.) The button “Table Layout Editor” takes too much space in WP Editor (I use Table layout Editor only for some pages, on all others WP Editor) + using Table Layout Editor seems to set the regular editor – opening a regular page/post – to “text”. But it should be visual. (Irritating … and could be a problem for WordPress beginners.) Suggestions: *) Make space between rows free configurable! (all + one by one) *) Make space between content blocks free configurable *) Make space between columns free configurable *) Tune content block Layout – space: “small” is already very large! *) Make button “Table Layout Editor” a tab besides visual and text *) leave standard WP editor in mode “visual” *) add a settings-page for configuration (standard row-space, …) *) add a “widget component” (compete with SiteOrigin & Co.!) *) add tag: page builder (to be found!) *) having widget component add tags: widget, widgets But anyway a very good tool!
September 3, 2016 7 replies
Great work in developing this plug-in; much better that all the column/resizing tools I’ve used. Would be good to add the possibility to add row’s on top iso only below 🙂
September 3, 2016 3 replies
Hi Maarten, WOW … you have here developed the general same functionality as Visual Composer from “wpbakery” purchased on … but for free!!! I couldn’t understood, why you have only so less installation? Please maintain your very powerful “Layout Builder” PlugIn here also in the future … Tanks very much & best Regards
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Contributors & Developers

“Responsive Table Layout” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




Release date: Mar 22th, 2016

  • Enhancement – component source screen: code is automatically selected when screen is opened
  • Fix – component source screen: update only applied on empty components
  • Enhancement – icon picker: icon size increased
  • Enhancement – icon picker: limited width
  • Enhancement – added plugin tag ‘page builder’


Release date: Mar 15th, 2016

  • Fix – background position was not set
  • Fix – component not visible after closing settings page without form submission (editor)
  • Fix – component source screen: code not always up-to-date
  • Fix – component source screen: code is the code of the component itself (not only the children)
  • Enhancement – component source screen: improved interface
  • Fix – added component source control for columns
  • Fix – removed unused row shortcode attribute ‘layout’ (was set after submitting settings page)
  • Fix – overruled heading margin. use only margin set via settings screen (front-end)
  • Enhancement – added body class ‘table-layout’ when Table Layout shortcodes are used (front-end)
  • Enhancement – added wrapper element ‘.mmtl-wrap’ arround Table Layout generated html (front-end)


Release date: Mar 15th, 2016

  • Fix – regular expression error when fetching icon classes
  • Fix – updater: also looking for column shortcodes without attributes


Release date: Mar 14th, 2016

  • Enhancement – possibility to add background image for columns
  • Fix – editor fullscreen mode exits when lightbox is open and esc key is pressed (only close lightbox)
  • Fix – default post editor was visible before editor was loaded
  • Enhancement – added heading component
  • Enhancement – added textblock component
  • Enhancement – added button component
  • Enhancement – added icon component
  • Enhancement – ability to alter the source of a row component
  • Enhancement – updated editor look


Release date: Feb 26th, 2016

  • Fix – changes lost after updating post (editor could not write to post content editor because view mode was active after updating column content)
  • Enhancement – show WordPress ‘content’ editor when debug mode is active


Release date: Feb 25th, 2016

  • Enhancement – changed plugin name ’Table Layout’ to ‘Responsive Table Layout’
  • Enhancement – removed ajax call for getting thumbnail url when background image is selected (data already provided in callback)
  • Fix – removed fullscreen placeholder when editor is deactivated
  • Fix – updated <h2> styling for editor content
  • Fix – removed focus from ‘Add row’ button when clicked (editor)
  • Enhancement – placed decrease and increase column width controls next to each other (editor)
  • Fix – removed unnecessary ajax call for background image preview when no background images are set (editor)
  • Fix – ajax loader hidden by default (editor)
  • Enhancement – added html element div.mmtl-overlay that provides the ability to add a transparant colour above a background image
  • Enhancement – applied row/column related html id’s and classes to the element itself (div.mmtl-row/div.mmtl-col) instead of appending it to div.mmtl-content
  • enhancement – added debug functionality (editor)
  • enhancement – added id property for editor instance


Release date: Feb 21th, 2016

  • Enhancement – used css for component background image preview instead of html element (editor)
  • Enhancement – placeholder for column sorting is more precise (editor)
  • Enhancement – removed row control for adding row after (editor)
  • Enhancement – changed editor content styling
  • Enhancement – added margin between columns in same row that are placed under each other (editor)
  • Enhancement – possibility to add a row/column before or after a row/column (editor)
  • Enhancement – added contributor ‘iValue’ (readme file)
  • Enhancement – possibility to toggle full screen (editor)
  • Enhancement – added column controls to change column width (editor)


Release date: Feb 14th, 2016

  • Enhancement – simplified creation of editor setting screens
  • Enhancement – removed background color from lightbox close button
  • Fix – duplicate css class name for admin body class and settings screen caused unwanted styling issues
  • Enhancement – changed editor component html attribute ‘data-model’ to ‘data-id’ and added id attribute
  • Fix – removed column push and pull in editor preview (caused sorting issues)
  • Enhancement – added column meta for push and pull (editor)
  • Enhancement – added background image preview in editor
  • Enhancement – added html title attribute for icons and component meta data (editor)


Release date: Feb 9th, 2016

  • Fix – ‘This plugin is not properly prepared for localization’. removed prefix ‘mm-‘ from main plugin file and textdomain
  • Enhancement – removed ‘mm-‘ prefix from ‘mm-table-layout’ in filenames, script and style handles

Plugin reactivation required after update.


Release date: Feb 9th, 2016

  • Fix – text domain missing for some language related functions
  • Enhancement – Updated translations
  • Enhancement – removed borders from screenshots


Release date: Feb 4th, 2016

  • Enhancement – added ‘grid’ tag (readme file)
  • Enhancement – added ‘Domain Path’ for translations (plugin meta data)
  • Fix – only show editor activation button when post type supports ‘editor’
  • Fix – editor activation button not visible when adding new post
  • Enhancement – minified css files
  • Enhancement – removed ‘Plugin URI’. old repository url (plugin meta data)


Release date: Feb 3th, 2016

  • Enhancement – added screenshots
  • Enhancement – added contributor in readme file
  • Fix – updated readme file: incorrect syntax for displaying screenshots on WordPress plugin page
  • Enhancement – changed plugin Name in readme file
  • Fix – replaced constant MMTL_TEXTDOMAIN with ‘mm-table-layout’: ‘Do not use variable names for the text domain portion of a gettext function’


Release date: Feb 3th, 2016

  • Enhancement – changed plugin prefix ‘tl’ to a more unique prefix ‘mmtl’
  • Enhancement – replaced Fancybox with Featherlight (not licensed under GPL2)
  • Enhancement – changed column and row html id and class format: {my-id}-wrap and {my-class}-wrap

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